A Song of Hope

If you could see inside of me Then you would see there’s more to me. The way things are is just so hard I cry and cry and want to die But deep inside, I know I’ll...
by OVO9KrHc4y

The Angry Truth

A woman writes, “I joined the military and was raped by two guys who were drunk and probably can’t even remember doing it. I’ve been really angry ever since....
by OVO9KrHc4y

“Christmas Crud”

I recently got to talk to and pray with a girl who has been hurt by her mom and dad. She’s went through a lot in 8 years. Physical abuse and sexual abuse, all under the...
by OVO9KrHc4y


Do you have harabudi?   I heard from a missionary in the Czech Republic who wanted me to know that they have used my video testimony as a tool to share the gospel with...
by OVO9KrHc4y